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The first automobile has four wheels void of any decorative wheel covers. However, the evolution of this man's great invention has paved the way for cars to look elegant, classy and sophisticated and it similarly applies to the wheel covers.

The new generation of car's wheel has hubcap that covers the wheel. While the hubcap does not generally cover the entire wheel, car models that have stamped wheels usually use wheel covers that entirely cover the wheel thus concealing it. The size of hubcaps depends on the types of the car's wheel. Alloy wheels use the center caps, which is smaller in size.

The first wheel covers was introduced as grease or dust caps in 1932. The first manufactured hubcaps were mostly mounted on steel and wire wheels. Some of the earlier wheel covers are of chrome with smooth top and side holes and of expanded size to conceal the lug nuts. The painted wheel covers matching the car's body also became popular in the early years of wheel covers production. The wide appeal of flashy and classy wheel covers soon persuaded car manufacturers to integrate wheel covers factor on how their car models would look. The attention-getting looks of wheel covers ushered the great focus on car's aesthetic.

Today's wheel covers are fitted to alloy or magnesium wheels. Mostly are made of plastic that has successfully replaced the steel as the primary material for wheel covers. Some has the clip retention system that has been used in the early years of wheel covers manufacturing. The classy looks like a mirror wheel covers are popular in luxury and flashy cars. Some even sport decorative spokes although bare of any relation to the car's functionality. The deco art of black paint also has given the wheel the distinct look that matches the car's classic personality. It is the style and the art that matter and responsively gives the handsome look of the car.

Expensive and classic wheel covers are one of the reasons in the emergence of the aftermarkets for wheel covers. An old stock can suddenly look flashy and luxurious with a new replacement of latest car's wheel covers. Since these wheel covers are easily installed, even non- mechanic car guy could transform his old stock into a flashy and great looking car just like the luxury car he fancies. It is a cheap and very smart way to ride a dream car.