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Tire or tyre refers to the ring-shaped covering around the wheel rim. Its main purpose is to protect the wheel and to provide cushion to ensure better wheel performance. Tires also function as shock absorber when the wheels are in contact with the ground.

A tire is composed of a tread and a body for traction and support. The early tire is made from metal, which is fitted on wooden wheels. Today's tires look different from how it used to look before. It is now shaped like a doughnut with wires and cord, and is encased in rubber. It is filled with compressed air and function as inflatable cushion for the wheels. Most of these modern tires are of pneumatic type. Pneumatic tire is the most popular tires today. It is made of rubber with a combination of fabric and wire.

In the year 1844, Charles Goodyear was able to win the patent for rubber tire vulcanization and after two years, Robert Thompson came about with the first pneumatic tires, which is the set standard for today's car's tire. It was only in 1895 when the first pneumatic tire for car was introduced by Andre Michelin and set corded tires as the standard tire for racing automobiles.

Taping tires to the rim was common in the early years of tires until the team of Dunlop and William Harvey Du Cros in 1890 made it unnecessary. In the early part of 1900, the Cord tire was made available in the US by BF Goodrich while Palmer introduced them to UK in the same year. It was in the year 1904 when drivers were able to fix their own flat tires with the introduction of mountable rim. However, not to be undone, Harvey Firestone in 1908 has the no skid tread. This has most importantly improved traction for car. It was in the year 1910 when carbon black tire was made universal replacing the white rubber. This was initiated by Silvertown Rubber Company that has generally made big change in rubber tires. In the year 1937, BF Goodrich was a hit in introducing synthetic commercial rubber tire. But, Michelin bounced back with its first radial tire it introduced in the post- war year 1946. Goodyear retaliated with its first nylon tire in the succeeding year 1947.Goodrich made the year 1954 a significant year for automobile industry by introducing the first tube tire, which is set on Packard car.

To get even with competitors, BF Goodrich was a leader once again with its first tubeless tire. A new player Armstrong Rubber was made a leader when it came with fiberglass tire in 1965 and two years later Firestone and Goodyear came with their Polyglass tires. With the green advocacy challenging the auto industry, Michelin develop the silica-filled tire in 1992. It is has the green tire tag.

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