Pirelli Tires

Pirelli Tires

Pirelli Tires – An Overview

Pirelli Tires is considered as a diverse and multinational tire company which is currently headquartered in Mila, Italy today. As a matter of fact, Pirelli tires is considered as the fifth largest tire manufacturer all over the world today and has branch plant sites in more than 160 nations and countries around the world today. It also comes with about twenty manufacturing sites in many different parts of the world. Currently, Pirelli Tires comes with ten thousand retailers and distributors. All of these are strong indications that Pirelli is paving its way to become one of the top providers of quality tires to car and vehicle owners all over the world today.


Giovanni Pirelli was known as the founder and the person who has established Pirelli tires in Milan, Italy sometime in 1872. Pirelli has started its specialization in the field of rubber along with derivative processes. The company had formerly manufactured diving rebreathers and soon after, it managed to manufacture cables and tires which were basically used for telecommunications and energy. Sooner, Pirelli sold the cable division and the name was later changed to Prysmian.

It was in 1974 when Pirelli invented the so-called wide radial tire. This tire was developed in the aim of withstanding the power and strength of Lancia Stratos. During those times, racing tires were slick and wide tires which were made with reduced sidewall height. The invention of Pirelli to withstand Lancia Stratos failed so Pirelli was again asked to create a new one. So was the birth of the wide and slick tire with sidewall height that also comes with a radial structure. Porsche soon made use of this kind of tire and as of the present days, these wide tires from Pirelli are still commonly used in sports and car racing particularly in Europe.

Pirelli Marketing

As part of the marketing strategy of Pirelli tires, the company is making it possible to come up with the famous Pirelli Calendars which are usually printed each year. These calendars feature beautiful actresses and models. They also feature the fashion works of highly respected photographers in the world today.

Pirelli is also an award giving body which aims to award the best multimedia in the world every year. This is for the science and technology which involve communication and it is entirely done via the internet. Currently, Pirelli serves as the major sponsor of the famous Italian Football Organization known as FC Internazionale Milano.