Performance Parts at CARiD: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Someone believes that if you need to replace a broken or a worn out part of a car there is nothing better than stock. But this is true only if you know nothing about performance auto parts. Do you want to know the difference between original car parts and aftermarket performance parts? Right, key word is "performance".

Performance Cold Air Intake

For a truck driver we will provide performance truck parts. But if you own a sport car or a family SUV – we have high performance auto parts for everyone. Performance parts will help to transform you car to a unique vehicle built according to your taste and preferences. Your vehicle will become truly yours, when you discover the power of performance parts for cars & trucks at

Your car will stand out reflecting your leadership, up-to-dateness and perfectionism. And it will not necessarily cost you. You can build up your car with a discount performance parts. Let's see how it works.

So, you have a car. A brand new or used vehicle that carry you from point A to point B. But is that all you want your car to be? Because it can be a lot more than that. It can really give you a totally different driving performance. Moreover, by upgrading your car you will automatically turn yourself from an ordinary driver to a performance expert. One step ahead of others. Or as many steps ahead as you are ready to make. The best thing about it that there is no limit to perfection. You may go on improving more and more. Here at CARiD we call it "Defining Your Vehicle's True Identity".

Performance Exhaust Systems

There are few basic steps to making your car better, faster and stronger. The most of your car's potential lies in so called performance parts: air intake, exhaust system, suspension system and brakes.
Are you ready to virtually build up your car? Let's start.

Just imagine, what would happen if we replaced your factory air intake with an aftermarket performance air intake? There are many types of aftermarket air intake systems, from basic and simple to more advanced and expensive ones. But there is one thing they all have in common – they increase airflow to your engine. Thus it allows engine to burn more fuel and to give you more power. Why don't factory engineers install the air intakes that enable more power? The answer is simple. They have to systematically consider not only performance, but many other factors, such as, for example, noise. But how can a car enthusiast call the bold roar of his empowered engine "a noise"?

The same with your exhaust system. Using a factory exhaust designed to decrease noise to the minimum, you heavily restrain the performance of your car. Unleash its power with aftermarket exhausts systems elaborated by the most reputable leaders of the industry. Let your exhaust gases flow freely. The combination of increased horsepower and torque, deep yet drone-free sound and the reliability of shining stainless steel make the performance exhaust system a perfect long-term investment.

Let's take a dig at your suspension. Factory engineers did their best to fit your needs…and their budget. It means that factory suspension will never get the quality and performance opportunities of an aftermarket suspension systems offered by CARiD. Depending on your preferences you will luxuriously glide the road surface like a limousine or enter sharp turnings with unprecedented control. Add possibility to carry a heavier load, add less tear and wear of your tires and you will get a full range of benefits good suspension can give you.

Now let's talk about your brakes. Or should I say about your Safety? Brakes and brake components are the most wear parts of your car. And when the time comes you will think of its replacement. Think of high quality performance brakes. Precise fit will ease an installation and then nothing will stop you from enjoying shorter stopping distance and higher resistance to fading. Last but not the least – due to lower brake temperatures your new performance brakes will last much longer.

All right! We have done a good a job of upgrading your car to a high performance vehicle. You have got new performance air take, exhaust, suspension and brakes. It's time to spoil you with something extra pleasurable – racing seats. Convenience and comfort are extremely important if you spend hours in your driving seat. Headrest and backrest angle, headrest level, cushion edge, height and depth of the seat. Anatomy and functionality take the stage when we are talking about aftermarket racing seats. Be seated like a pro, feel comfort and confidence and, who knows, maybe your driving style will change too. Not to speak of completely different interior that you get as a bonus.

As you see transforming your car can be an easy and pleasant journey if you confide in professionals. CARiD is created by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. Our aim is to gather the most reputable names in the aftermarket business and give you the most advanced service ever. We accept no compromise when it comes to quality. Whichever product you choose, it will be easily ordered, and quickly shipped right to your doorstep.

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