Lexani Wheels

Lexani Wheels

Why Lexani takes the luxury title for the wheels

Lexani wheels production has been running in the wheels market since 1996 and presently, it is well-known for its fine elegance and deluxe finishes of wheels. Although their rims are limited to the market, the company provides a computerized graphic program that customizes the rim cuts, texture and color details of the wheel perfect for a vehicle ride.

Lexani's characteristic is different from other elements of wheel brand. It is believed that aluminum plays an important material in the weight of the auto as well as heat conductivity. When the wheels are lighter and optimizing more heat when the vehicle is moving, it decreases brake malfunction, which is far better than any ordinary old alloys. The focus is that alloys are made customize at the driver's preference. Since the manufacturer tackles much of the luxury and durability components of wheel facets, all they have to do is that they allow customers to choose a color after selecting your wheel styles. There is so much more than meets the eye of Lexani's twist of inimitable exterior.

Other wheel brands do not conduct any color customization as compared to Lexani wheel brand. The car owner has the freedom to suit and match a texture and can also infiltrate texts within the inner rim of the wheel. Lexani also considers simplicity to its alloy rim cuts and do not exaggerate much of the typical designs. Series comes in either black, silver of chrome.

Generally, Lexani luxury wheels feature chrome series including Firestar, Dagger, Arrow, Dial, Advocate, Snyper, Radiant, LX-2 Truck, LX-9 Truck, LX-14 and many more. For Black label series, consumers love the velvet Lust, CVX-44 and CVX-55 but Lexani manufacturers launched their latest series for 4 black label designs, which include R-Five, R-Six, R-Eight and R-Ten. They are better seen in convertible BMWs and Lexus vehicles as they truly unveil a lavishing modern hybrid look. CVX-44 can be seen in Ferrari 599 and in Audi A8 while CVX-55 matches the wheel accessory in Chrysler 300 autos and Jaguar XJL vehicle.

The new forged wheels Johnson also steps out a recent release for the 2012 models. In addition, the family of LT stretched out favorite selections among the forged wheels series. Apparently, the LSS-5, LSS-8, LSS-10 and LSS-11 wheel series are remarkable for Lexani brand. They also launch Lust and R-Ten design as their latest style and fashion accessory to the SS series.