Hankook Tires

Hankook Tires

Hankook Tires – The Facts

Hankook Tire is a tire company, which is situated in Seoul, South Korea. It is considered as the number eight company in terms of its size compared to other tire companies all over the world today. Hankook was originally established way back in 1941 and was originally named as CTC or Chosun Tire Co. However, CTC has changed its name in 1968 and from that time on, Hankook has become one of the best-known tire brands all around the world.

The popularity of Hankook is attributed to its bias ply and radial tire production. Hankook is currently the supplier of original materials and equipment for Hyundai Motor Co., General Motors and trucks, Ford Motor trucks, International Trucks & engine Corp., and many others. As a matter of fact, Hankook Company takes its time in producing more than fifty million tires each year. In addition, it also sells different types of auto batteries, brake pads, and alloy wheels.

Currently, Hankook Company has just announced that it is on its way of investing 1.1 billion dollars for the construction and development of a manufacturing site in Java, Indonesia. If this will come into reality, this manufacturing plant will soon become the fifth largest tire company all over the world.

it was sometime in June 09, 2011 when a ground breaking program was held in a sixty-hectare land where it will serve as the regional hub for exports going to the North Americas, Middle East, and Asian countries. Thus, this is simply a big indication that Hankook is simply one of the best in terms of scalability and popularity.

The popularity of a particular brand or product is indicative through its performance and since Hankook is already in the business of manufacturing wheels and tires for more than seventy years now, it's clear in the mind of people today that Hankook is a tire company to rely on.

With the many tire companies that are scattered all over the world today, choosing the right one can be downright difficult. The introduction of Hankook has truly simplified the task of people searching for a trusted and reliable tire company.

So if you are currently in search for a tire company, which can provide you with the outstanding satisfaction you want, Hankook is a name to trust. Don't get confused with the multitudes of tire companies looming on you. For more details, visit Hankook's official website today.