Dub Wheels

DUB Wheels

DUB equips a bling-bling wheel accessory for autos

All the way from MHT Luxury Alloy Wheel Company, the corporation of DUB wheel industry is known everywhere even in online wheels stores. The brand utilizes a magnificent quality of strength and style where car owners can make use of “motion” as an accessory to their vehicle. DUB's concept to wheel customization has created an icon of making floaters to the wheel center.

Before mentioning their main specialty, DUB also fascinates car owners on other essential category of wheel accessorizing. The ‘One Piece' series feature basic trends of wheel rims with a finish of diamond-cut shapes. Big Homie inclusive craftsman defines razor pattern and can be suitable for sports vehicle. Doggy Style S142 and S143 exhibit a spectacular cut but if you wish for a new generation and somewhat minimalist by its feature, you can opt for the Duex Wang that shapes up like a parallel 2-wing propeller.

Drivers who prefer to add metallic colors to their wheel accessory can browse for Street and Show series. You can also mount two-color tone, which will vary, on your car exterior tuning.

The Zane series include Aristocrat, Camelot, Cashmere, Mandala II, Mosaic and Winsor design that carved an elusive yet elegant style. To others, it revolutionizes luxury.

Azzmacka and Shokka from Skirt series are two exceptional designs that no other brands have. DUB Skirt series produce a superior two-layered quality wheels combining two designs. Azzmacka is decorated by means of reverse hanging side skirts concept while Shokka finishes a sharp triangular design reverse skirt.

Ultimately, DUB never stops manufacturing more designs of Spinner series and currently, there are at least 40 styles of Spinners perfect to pimp your vehicle's ride. The basic concepts of spinners or spinning rims originated way back about ten years ago when bearings are popularly used in mechanical engineering. Aside from the internal specs of a vehicle, bearings are implemented in modification of floaters even when the vehicle is at rest. Although it serves as a plain accessory to automobile fashion, MHT manufacturers persistently introduce a new genre to exterior styling.

While DUB particularizes a new trend to the auto industry of wheels, car fans could not resist for more spinners in the market. ‘Crown' design glimmers a shape of interlocking star streaks pattern and presents a breezy feel to the exterior. For propeller blades figure, you can check out models of ‘Da “U”'and Fanatic. In case you are passionate with bizarre yet sophisticated pattern, the Phenom, Markee and Slots are your three best options.