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Brake calipers are one of those car parts that are so difficult to clean. Whenever braking force is applied, this causes friction that wears the brake pad and the rotor away. As a result, brake dust often accumulates at the calipers.

The problem with brake dust is that if not washed or cleaned immediately, it often ruins the car wheels' finish. With that problem in mind, your car needs something that will not only provide ample protection to your brake caliper but also provide color and an amazing aesthetic look behind your wheels. And what you need is a pair of brake caliper covers.

While they may look stylish, their main purpose is to protect your wheels from the common problem of wear and tear that is often associated with your brake caliper. Your caliper covers provide protection to your bare brake calipers from brake dust, reducing the time and money spent on just cleaning on the thing. Aside from that, caliper covers greatly minimize the heat from contacting with the brake caliper. When the caliper covers are installed, the heat is diverted upwards and this protects the overall life span of your brakes.

Also, caliper covers protect your brake calipers from exposure to other harmful elements that are present on the road like for instance as rust, dirt and mud.

Aesthetically speaking, the caliper covers also provide color and some appeal on your wheels. Whether it's standard or custom colored, caliper covers will perfectly match the paint job of your car or provide contrast to it. Contrary to belief that colored calipers are better than those with caliper covers, most car enthusiast often goes with the latter. While colored calipers often bring style to your car, it isn't recommended as it, obviously, has less protection that covered ones.

In installing caliper covers, they can either be installed right over the top of the calipers using glue or tape. But there are those, which do not require both to have it installed. But aside from that, some companies have made unique fastening systems in installing caliper covers, which allow quick installations, contrary to traditional caliper covers that takes time to put in.

Also, some caliper covers are so easy to install that there is no need to remove the wheel rims just to install them. Quick installation also means quick removal of the caliber covers whenever your car is required to undergo brake maintenance.