Asanti Wheels

Asanti Wheels

Asanti Wheels: The jewel of wheel and rim brands

Speaking for deluxe, the Asanti wheel brand is capable of earning reputable title for quality and superb climate rim tires. For years of research, wheel manufacturers have been longing for a material that substitutes steel. Adding too much weight to the overall auto specs lessens its performance in driving. Until durable toys have set a trend in wheel technology, more companies use lighter forms of metal and mold it with great versatility towards mechanical engineering. With Asanti wheels offering a high-end edgy figure, consumers will surely enjoy an alloy for their auto accessory.

As more wheel designs undergo comprehensive research, more brands tend to pace up and keep good records of marketing sales and production. Qualified with a multitude of colors and sleek texture, Asanti has got what it takes to define art and true beauty. Take a closer look at their marvelous cuts in

Standard series of Asanti consist of 35 different collections ranging from 18” to fit among big vehicles of 30” size range. Made from forged 6061-T6 aluminum prototype alloy wheel material, this set of construction piece reveals a classy Asanti wheel brand for all types of auto models.

Similar in material as the previous series, Step designs gives in an allowance for break clearance forging. Highest diameter size range is 32” and I bet Asanti brands dedicate rim sizes for larger intentions. Among the 11 designs shown in the display shelf, AF-162, AF-167 and AF-168 are three best selections for luxury autos.

Another 3-piece construction series is the DA sets. By just taking a glance at their aluminum shades, DA off sets a sporty getaway appearance. On the other hand, if drivers prefer to combine sporty taste with a touch of rich texture, they can avail the Super Sport series.

VAxis takes a prestige background for a multi-axis stainless steel color. It is cleaner and fresh for rims like VAxis model VF-600 and VF-603 to wear. When you seem bored with all other selections, go for the VAxis ones and leave the accessory sexier than ever.

Inverted or concave designs for Asanti rev up the modality of wheel technology. Blending the colorful texture of any CX displays, drivers can choose any of the 9 nine collections if your auto exterior has the same color skin to the display.

If you are captivated with wheel lips, ELT series feature the largest lip sizes while ZLT exhibits smaller ones. Both designs are unique in their own ways and should you wish to take 20” to 22” range size rims, ZLT series is your option. However, if bigger wheels favored the best accessory for your sport vehicle, ELT series is the place for you.